CPAS stands for "Collaborative Ads".

This is a tool provided for free by Shopee, where a Facebook catalogue is shared to sellers' Facebook Business manager.

  1. This catalogue is auto-synced to seller's stores.
  2. Sellers are able to run dynamic ads using this catalogue on Facebook and Instagram without stopping the ads each time they make a change to their Shopee store listings.

What are the requirements for sellers to receive the CPAS catalogue?

Step A: Please prepare the key information below-

  1. Facebook Business Manager ID.
  2. Ad Account ID (a new and exclusive account for Shopee Collaborative Ads).
  3. Screenshot of View Access to Shopee Business Manager (ID: 1472239313020616).
  4. Country of the shop(s) and Shop ID(s).
  5. Run by brand or agency? If run by agency, kindly provide the name of agency.


Sellers will need Admin access to your Business Manager to retrieve item #1 to -3 of the above.

Step B: Submit the above information to Shopee MS team or through MSP

  1. Seller / agency is to submit all required materials via this CPAS Submission Form
  2. Shopee Marketing Solutions (MS) team to request CPAS catalogue creation from Regional Ad Ops team
  3. Seller to receive email from MS team once CPAS catalogue is shared to the Seller's ad account.

For a step-by-step guide to getting all the required information, click here.

Step C: Step to Accept Shared Catalog

How do I set up my CPAS ads?

To set up your ads, sellers will you'll need to go through 4 key steps:

To go through the CPAS ads setup, sellers can download the step-by-step guide at the end of this article for reference. (attachment titled '[External MY] Shopee Collaborative Ads (CPAS) Setup Guide_v2021')

What are some tips for getting better returns for Facebook Collaborative Ads (CPAS)?

Starting early and pacing your Facebook Shopee Collaborative Ads

There are a few strategies sellers can consider:

1. Start 7 - 14 days earlier prior to beginning of Shopee campaign.

2. Avoid burst campaigns only

  1. Longer campaign duration provides time for Facebook to gather sufficient learnings to optimize. This will contribute to improve performance across all metrics.

3. Scale budget nearing peak dates

  1. Sellers can just edit the current ad campaign and adjust the daily budget manually.

4. Allocate sufficient budget to secure reach and conversions, allowing ads to be fully optimized.

Shopee Best Practices

1. Running dynamic ads - Facebook CPAS allows sellers to run ads with Catalog Sales Objective

  1. Matches sellers products to buyers based on buyer's interest or purchase intent.
  2. Optimized towards driving sales to seller's shop products.

2. Best Practices

  1. Sellers should use Prospecting, Retargeting, Cross-selling & Upselling campaigns to find new customers, while generating sales from existing ones.
  2. Sellers can start at least 7 to 14 days before or as early as possible.
  3. Sellers should keep their catalogue big, rather than micro-segmenting into smaller product sets. CPAS works best with bigger catalogues, so that it can fully leverage on the dynamic matching.

Promo Mechanics and Audiences

Sellers should:

1. Incorporate Shopee branding.

  1. This lets buyers know they can immediately purchase on a trusted platform.

2. Use Shopee's Brand Creative Kit.

  1. Sellers should utilise elements from Shopee's campaign seller kit here which contains attractive campaign frames for added interests on the offerings.

3. Display hero mechanics (i.e. GwP, Bundle Deals) within ad visuals to boost buyer interest and ad engagement in terms of clicks and conversions.

4. Target range of audiences.

  1. This gives sellers access to a higher quality and customized audience targeting with Prospecting, Retargeting Past Visitors, Retargeting Past Add-to-carts, Cross Selling, and Upselling.

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