the Shopee Seller Affiliate Programme is a free initiative where sellers can earn cash incentives for every completed order made via their personalised Seller Affiliate link.

Who can apply as a Seller Affiliate:

All sellers are eligible for the Seller Affiliate Programme. Register now via the following channels:

  1. Desktop: Click here
  2. App: Me > Affiliate Program

Refer to our article on How to Register as a Seller Affiliate, HERE.

⚠️ Note

It will take 5 working days to process the application.

Benefits of the Seller Affiliate Programme:

  1. Zero cost to join the programme.
  2. Increase shop exposure and boost sales from other platforms.
  3. Earn additional cash incentives for all completed orders made via sellers' Seller Affiliate link. The orders can be made from sellers' shops or other shops on Shopee.
  4. No limits on monthly cash incentives payout

How to kickstart the Seller Affiliate journey:

Incentive Rate Table

There are different incentive rates applied for different categories and buyer types. 

There is no cap on the monthly cash incentives payout for sellers. However, do note that the cash incentives payout is capped at RM5 at checkout level.

⚠️ Note

*Cash incentives payout is capped at RM5 at checkout level.

**New Buyer refers to a user who has never purchased on Shopee.

How to earn as a Seller Affiliate:

The Seller Affiliate Programme ONLY takes into account completed orders from any Shopee store after buyers click the Seller Affiliate link within 7 days.

Cash incentives will be processed on a monthly basis, and the cash incentives will be credited to Seller Balance 35 days after the end of the month. (i.e. December 2022 incentives to be credited into Seller Balance in the first week of February 2023).

Shopee reserves the right to disregard certain orders from the cash incentives calculation, IF orders are found to have infringed any of the below: 

  1. Incomplete payments;
  2. Incomplete orders (i.e. return and refund, non-payment, order forgery, fraud, etc.)

The Seller Affiliate Programme also uses Last Click Attribution to determine who will receive the cash incentives from a link that has been shared, especially when a buyer has accessed several Seller Affiliate links at once. The illustration below provides an explanation on the mechanics of how Last Click Attribution works.

To summarise a Seller Affiliate has to fulfil these criteria in order to earn incentives from orders within that month: 

  1. The buyer's last touchpoint must come from your Seller Affiliate link (last click attribution). If the buyer clicks on other Seller Affiliate links afterwards, the incentive will belong to the other seller. 
  2. Buyers have to make a purchase within 7 days upon clicking on your Seller Affiliate link.
  3. The orders must be checked out within that month in order to receive your incentive payout of that order in the following month. If the order is only checkout in the following month, your incentive payout for that particular month will be brought forward to the subsequent month.
  4. Orders must have completed payment and did not violate any fraudulent criterions.

When will seller affiliates receive the cash incentives payout?

Terms and Conditions Apply:

Click HERE to view.

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